Robert & NPM


Hello, and thanks for visiting New Precept Media Online! I’m Robert Wallace, NPM’s founder. I’ve posted a video introduction to NPM and myself at the top of this page, but for those of you who prefer to read… read on!

I’m a native of Adrian Michigan, where I grew up with my mom, dad, and brother. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I participated in many churches that were local to my area, and it was during this early phase of my life that I began to ponder how spiritualization and belief impact the world on a grand scale.

As an adult, I set out on my own to broaden my spiritual horizons. Over the past several years, I’ve studied philosophy from both Eastern and Western cultures, had profound experiences with spiritual organizations from all over the world, and learned from some of the world’s foremost spiritual leaders.

Today, I enjoy a state of what I call “Christian Consciousness” which is a state of spirit and mind through which I feel deeply connected to God’s teachings, our natural world, and my fellow man.

I founded New Precept Media because I believe in spreading goodness throughout the world. For me, that means sharing my spiritual journey and knowledge with others, and continuing down a path of learning and enlightenment. I have a deeply personal relationship with the New Precept Media Family, and our collective curiosity and passion serves to drive us forward as a collective. I hope you’ll join us in discovering the hidden potential and beauty that surrounds you.


Faithfully yours,

Robert Wallace, Founder, B. Msc